Tuesday, November 22, 2011

95% of Handsets Announced in Sept 2011 Have Bluetooth

In Strategy Analyitcs' monthly report on handset for data from September 2011:

  • 95% of handsets that entered the market featured Bluetooth, setting a new record for any one month - in Q3 2011 as a whole 89% featured Bluetooth, 18 of which featured version 3

  • 57% of handsets announced had on-board GPS – setting another record for a single month

  • 12 models had 8 MP cameras as the upward trend in resolution continues

  • Processor speeds increased with 23 models having 1 GHz or greater processors and dual core processors featuring on 7 models

According to Strategy Analytics, handsets are becoming thinner and heavier as component miniaturisation continues. Ten handsets announced in September were thinner than 10 mm with the Samsung Focus S measuring just 8.5 mm and weights reached 184 g with the Motorola Milestone 3.

Screen sizes continued to increase with 50% of the handset screens included in this report exceeding 3 inches leading us to believe that resolutions will follow suit. Rather unsurprisingly this is accompanied by a rising curve in battery capacity as the prevalence of larger touchscreens continues along with the need for more talk and standby time.

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