Friday, October 24, 2008

Week of October 20th: MWJ EuMW08 Coverage

Our first week of EuMW 2008 pre-show coverage is wrapping up and a number of the MWJ staff are on their way to Amsterdam to get ready for the big conference and exhibition. I will head out Saturday night in order to catch one day of sight-seeing before heading over to the RAI (venue site) to help set up our media center and MWJ booth. This year our booth will be spotlighting the latest updates to our Microwave Journal China Web site. This is a pre-view to the site which will be officially launched in the new year. If you get a chance, stop by for a look and to register onto the web site and to receive our MWJChina newsletter.

Our EuMW08 online show daily has begun streaming news from exhibiting vendors. We have had announcements from RemCom (new software release); Emerson Network Power (four new product lines launched); Acceleware, Z-Communications, Quartzlock and more. Many other announcements are waiting in the pipeline (under embargo until next week), so be sure to check in daily for the latest updates. (

We have also begun populating the sight with short essays from exhibitors on what they hope to get out of the show. Most exhibitors are looking forward to showing off their latest products and the opportunity for face-to-face meetings with potential customers. Take a preview of what these companies have to offer in our Exhibitor Perspectives (


visit our Virtual Trade Stands (
for advanced product information and news from these participating vendors.
On Tuesday, Richard Mumford (MWJ European Editor) and I will be interviewing representatives from Anritsu, M/A-Com, Keithley, AWR, Triquint, and Rohde & Schwarz. Be sure to check out the video of these interviews next Wednesday. Till then - safe travels and see you in Amsterdam.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

EuMW Exhibitor Workshops

EuMW 2008 offers attendees the opportunity to attend workshops and seminars sponsored (and presented) by participating exhibitors. Apart from the product demos available on the exhibition show floor or the technical conference, these workshops give engineers a chance to hear directly from commercial vendors about the latest solutions to today's engineering challenges.

The companies offering workshops this year all belong to the test and measurement equipment manufacturer or simulation software provider sectors. These are two areas that greatly influence design and where product complexity makes ongoing training/education somewhat of a necessity. Among the workshop sponsors, companies include: Agilent Technologies, Ansoft, AWR, IMST, Keithley, and Rohde & Schwarz.

Details on the various workshops being offered are available on the European Microwave Week 2008 web site at

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

AOC International Symposium & Conference

I am here at the 45th AOC International Conference in Reno, NV and the attendance is very strong. There are courses and sessions Sun - Fri along with special classified sessions on Thurs. The exhibition runs Mon - Wed and has about 90 companies including the big players like Raytheon, BAe, Lockheed, NGC, Boeing, ITT, etc. The opening session featured keynote speaker Maj. Gen. Craig Koziol, USAF, Commander JIOWC.

I attended the exhibition yesterday and got to see lots of old friends. Then I made my way over to the ITT Roost party which was a big hit. It seemed like everyone here attended and enjoyed a nice evening of networking with great food, drink and entertainment. See the photo of a group of component suppliers enjoying the evening next to us.