Wednesday, September 7, 2011

RFID Enables Self Serve Draft Beer

My new favorite wireless product - self serve draft beer enabled by RFID technology. Coming soon to a bar near you, self service drafts using an RFID card, computer screen or maybe even your smartphone. According to their website, DraftMagik™ is the first hosted service of its kind to manage and deliver draft beer to the Point-of-Pour™ while also providing an interactive patron experience. The beer can be poured in full-service fashion by the bartender (behind the bar) or in a “pour your own beer” mode by age-verified patrons (in front of the bar at a table or wall). Each of these distinct Point-of-Pour™ locations are managed by DraftMagik to provide the establishments a secure and reliable system to control, measure and effectively deliver draft beer.

DraftMagik also meters and tracks patron consumption via secure RFID technology. These RFID loyalty cards or one-time use wristbands can manage pre-paid, declining balance; credit card secured or pre-loaded balances. DraftMagik monitors and centrally controls a wide variety of advanced sensors, flow meters and valves to ensure accurate and real-time display and reporting of all draft beer served at the client site.

I can't wait!