Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Infineon, Triquint Winners in iPhone 3G

Well, it took no time at all for someone to crack open the new iPhone 3G and see what chips are inside. iFixit.com got one in the first major time zone for it to go on sale (New Zealand) and dissected it immediately (http://live.ifixit.com/images/XiuvbfUecK3GsDUm-large.jpg). Infineon with 4 chips and Triquint with 3 chips were the clear winners here. Skyworks had one chip, a quad band amplifier module which I think they also had a similar part in the first generation iPhone. Triquint has 3 amplifier modules that include an input filter, linear amplifier, duplexer and coupler. Infineon has the GPS, digital baseband processor, UMTS transceiver and power management IC. This should be a good boost for Triquint and Infineon is already a major player in these areas but it will be good PR for them also.

Monday, July 14, 2008

July Issue - Historical Highlights of Microwaves Nominations

In the July 50th year commemorative issue of Microwave Journal, Randy Rhea writes about "Historical Highlights of Microwaves" reviewing the history of our industry. He asks at the end of the article for people to nominate candidates for important developments and contributors to our industry from the past and present. Please post your comments here with your nominations.

July Issue - Publisher's Note Feedback

In the July 50th year commemorative issue of Microwave Journal, our publisher Carl Sheffres writes about "Celebrating the Microwave Industry" mentioning many other company milestones this year. If your company or organization was not mentioned and you would like to recognize them, please add a comment post here.