Friday, June 12, 2009

IMS 2009 Post Show Impressions

According to IMS2009, the annual conference and exhibition attracted thousands of designers, researchers, developers, academics and executives in the microwave and RF industry to the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center in Boston. Based on preliminary attendance numbers, more than 9,000 participants attended and 559 companies were represented.

“This past week in Boston has been an enormous success in every respect,” said Fred Schindler, General Chair, IMS2009 and Director, RF Micro Devices Boston Design Center. “Our attendance results would be great any year, but given these difficult economic times they are outstanding.” Microwave Journal interviewed Fred on the first day of the show and you can see his interview below:

Based on initial registration data, technical registration was 2,676, an 11 percent increase over 2008 registration and exhibit-only registration numbers indicate 2,131 participants, an 83 percent increase over 2008. IMS2009 attracted 559 exhibiting companies, also an 11 percent increase over the number of exhibitors in 2008. According to preliminary results, the total number of IMS2009 participants, including exhibitor booth staff and guests, was 9,316 attendees, an 11 percent increase over 2008 participation.

Pretty good results and proves that Boston is a great location and venue (of course I am biased living here). Look for our show wrap up in a few days on our Online Show Daily and continued coverage of news and products from the show for the next couple of weeks. See you at IMS2010 which will be held May 23-28 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA.

IMS 2009 Demos

I did numerous formal sponsored video interviews on Tues morning which are now live on our Online Show Daily. But I came across a couple of other interesting demos during the show and took a video of a couple of them with my cheap but convenient Flip video. Below is a Keithley demo showing their new Vector Network Signal analyzer (just turn the volume up).

Another interesting product that is very cool is the laser etching machine from LPKF which can in seconds etch a metal pattern into a substrate like a PCB or ceramic board. It etches the pattern by scoring the surface and then heats the surface to peel away the metal which is removed by an air knife. It can do both prototypes and low volume production so it is versatile.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Old Friends at IMS/MTT-S

IMS/MTT-S is where you run into a lot of old friends and associates. You never know who you might find on the show floor. MWJ editor David Vye and myself ran into retired tech editor, Frank Bashore, who taught me well. We did a quick interview with Frank who gave his approval to the way we doing things so far. Who did you run into at the show?