Sunday, June 12, 2011

Interesting Products at IMS2011

After crusing around the inner harbor (aka the exhibition floor) for three days, here is a quick rundown of some interesting products we came across:

- Agilent's integrated vector signal generator up to 44 GHz and analog signal generator up to 67 GHz (operational to 70 GHz), and the first microwave analog signal generator to break the 1 W output power barrier.

- Anritsu introduced a new broadband VNA system that provides single-sweep coverage from 70 kHz to 110 GHz with operation from 40 kHz to 125 GHz, and utilizes an advanced design that eliminates the need for large, heavy mmWave modules and coax combiners.

- R&S introduced a network analyzer with dynamic range up to 140 dB, sweept time of 4 ms with 401 pts

- Hittite's 33 news products (too many to cover here) which is unique for a company of this size

- M/A-COM's new family of GaN products covering L- and S-bands with much better efficiency and power than their BiPolar products

- Avago introduced the first front end module designed specifically for coexistence operation of WiMAX with other cellular and WiFi radios in the same device

- NXP's 1200 W ISM LDMOS transistor that can widthstand a VSWR of 125:1 and still operate

- Peregrine's digitally controlled variable capacitors targeting 100 MHz to 3 GHz applications

- Crane's Multi-Mix technology that creates multilayer integrated microwave circuits and modules using direct bonding of low cost composite substrates reducing cost, weight and size

- Skyworks ceramic based high power filters offering size and weight improvements over metal cavity based filters

- RFMD's upcoming Si SOI and GaN switches should be exciting to see

- ADI's new PLL synthesizer operating from 35 to 4400 MHz with rms jitter of .3 ps and typ EVM of .4% at 2.1 GHz

A couple of new finds were:

- Daisy RS wireless portable power meters using 2.4 GHz wireless links up to 100 meters

- Octane Wearable antennas using flexible antenna technology that allows them to be woven into many shapes and sizes for applications for soldiers, first responders, security/intelligence and more

Let me know what new things you saw at the IMS2011.