Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Advice for IMS2011?

There's only 12 days left until IMS2011 in Baltimore. I've been looking forward to this event since I was hired as MWJ's staff editor in April. But as the event draws near, I am starting to think about what I need to do to prepare and what my strategy should be for getting the most out of the show. Publisher Car Sheffres has already given me some good advice -- don't buy a new pair of shoes the day before the trip. Carl told me he did just that before his first trade show (in 1988 in NYC) and ended up spending every night in his hotel room with his shoes off and his aching feet up. If anyone has any more advice about getting ready for the show, please comment.


  1. Kerri, Ditto with the new shoes...been there done that! (especially painful if you are a woman and wear high heals!) I also recommend planning ahead. I am making my "dance card" now. I am communicating with people now that I want to connect with, and making a list of names, companies, booth location (if applicable), and what we may want to discuss. I find if I am too spontaneous (which is like..ALWAYS!) the show is over before I have made important connections!

  2. I would suggest planning ahead of time all the things and people you want to see while there at the show, and start up right away with that plan when the show opens on Tuesday, because the time flies while there. Also, bring throat lozenges!

    -Kristen Anderson
    Marketing and Event Coordinator
    Microwave Journal

  3. Lozenges and a dance card -- check. Thanks, Judy and Kristen, for the advice. I received a press release from the people at Cree yesterday saying they would be having a ping pong tournament in their booth. I plan to put that on my dance card. All work and no play....
    Kerri, MWJ

  4. How was it for you Kerri?

  5. The show was good introduction to the industry for me. When I walked the floor, I met a lot of nice people who patiently answered my many questions about their companies and products. Tir Na Nog was a good time. I'm tired today.
    --Kerri, MWJ