Tuesday, November 2, 2010

MILCOM 2010 - First Impressions

Although IP communications have been around for many years, interoperable and secure IP systems are now being realized in many military applications. The Warfigther is now being connected with vehicles, UAVs, ships, helicopters and other aircraft so that everyone can share information immediately and there is no single point of failure in the network as they can all act as nodes. This year's theme, "The Next Decade of Military Communications," addresses the issues with connecting various Defense, intelligence and homeland security networks as well as the evolution of communications systems and networks as we move into network-centric operations as the president and CEO, Wanda Austin, of the Aerospace Corporation put it in her welcome letter to attendees.

Although the major players are all here such as Boeing, GD, Raytheon, Harris, NGC, etc. Lockheed Martin seems the most active as they and the Aerospace Corporation were the co-sponsors for the show. They are showing off AMR-JTRS and MONAX 3G broadband network. AMR-JTRS provides a secure mobile network allowing rapid connectivity. JTRS provides communications between Warfighters and AMF provides new IP-enabled waveforms that deliver high data throughput and secure internet capability (to 10 Mbps). As JTRS units are deployed to aircraft, vehicles and Warfighters, they can now form ad hoc networks and seamlessly communicate voice and data. MONAX is designed to bring an affordable, 3G broadband network to Warfighters at the first tactical mile and enables the use of Smartphones and delivers Smartphone data, imagery, video and applications.

Most of the component and test/measurement companies are also here so I will make the rounds today and interview as many of them as I can. I will have a show summary up by the end of the week.

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