Friday, August 6, 2010

Qi Wireless Power Charging Standard Released

The Qi low power standard, was finalized at the end of last month by the Wireless Power Consortium. The standard calls for delivering up to 5 Watts into wireless power receivers. The goal is for the standard to be interoperable between chargers and gadgets from different makers. This would be a big step forward if they are able to accomplish this as many wireless applications are slow to the market or fail without standardization.

The Qi low power specifications consist of 3 documents:
  • Part 1, Interface Definition. This document defines the interface for contactless power transfer between a power transmitter and a power receiver, based on near field magnetic induction between coils.
  • Part 2, Performance Requirements. This document defines performance requirements for power transmitters and power receivers.
  • Part 3, Compliance Testing. This document defines the compliance test procedure for power transmitters and power receivers.

Part 1 is currently available for members only, but will be made publicly available as download from this website on August 30, 2010. Part 2 and 3 will stay exclusive for members of the Wireless Power Consortium only.

The power is transfer ed via magnetic induction so the distance between the device and charger is only up to a few mm. Most of these are charging pads or areas where the device it set on top of or very near the charger but it certainly makes charging a whole lot easier and more convenient especially if multiple devices can be set in the charging area at one time.

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