Monday, April 5, 2010

Wireless Wee Wee

I recently came across Simavita that makes wireless monitoring devices for assisted living residents to monitor when they go to the bathroom and logs the events for analysis to improve their comfort level and coordinate scheduling of changes, etc.

The main component is a remotely monitored disposable continence aid – the SIMpad®. It is fitted with a sensor strip (SIM™strip) that is completely safe for the wearer. A reusable SIM™box fitted to the front of the SIMpad transmits sensor readings wirelessly to a central monitoring station (SIM™server). A key component of the system is the SIMsystem™ Manager, software running on the SIMserver that incorporates an algorithm to analyse the sensor readings and provide an assessment of the continence event in real time; alerting the carer if required.

The SIMsystem Manager automates the process of analysing sensor readings from a sensor strip inside a continence device, capturing observations from carers and presenting the data back to care staff in a manner which simplifies decision making. The SIMsystem consists of:
The SIMbox, when fitted into the individual resident's stretchpants (SIMpants), transmits sensor readings from the SIMstrip in the SIMpad over a wireless network to the SIMserver. The SIMsystem Manager software running on the SIMserver then detects key information about continence events and determines when to alert care staff about an event requiring attention. Alerts are sent via text message to the carer's mobile phone, or via the facility's paging system if preferred. As carers are often unable to immediately respond to events, the software will display a summary log of alerts and manual observations can also be entered. The final bladder chart includes all observations in one easy-to-read report.On completion of the 3-day assessment, the SIMsystem Manager produces shift, daily and 3-day reports that may be used by carers for the development of continence care plans.

The SIMbox and SIMnetwork have been built for ZigBee® for low-power and low-range wireless applications. The SIMbox can operate continuously for at least 100 hours before the batteries need charging. The SIMnetwork platform consists of SIMboxes, SIMchargers, SIM repeaters which can extend the network, and a SIMgateway for connection to the central SIMserver. The SIMboxes are specially designed to be of minimal size and maximum battery life, to be flexible and compatible with a range of clinical applications.The SIMnetwork meets the essential requirements of the Australian1 & European2 standards and therefore is deemed EMC compliant so it is approved for use in healthcare facilities.
What will they think of next for M2M applications!

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