Monday, October 5, 2009

Unique/Novel Subjects at EuMW 2009

I like searching through the paper/poster topics for unique, novel subjects that are not main-stream and might be areas for future growth. I was able to attend a few of these talks but was busy with customer visits covering the exhibition which made it impossible to attend more of them. Here are some that I came across:

  • Design of a Cellular Energy Harvesting Radio
  • New Fabrication Process to Manufacture RF-MEMS and GaN on GaN/Si Substrate
  • Design of a Fully Planar Chipless RFID Transponder with 35 Bit Data Capacity
  • SP48T Module Architecture RF-MEMS Multi-Throw Switches for a Multi-Beam Antenna Measurement Setup at K- and Ka-Band
  • A W-Band MMIC Vector Modulator Utilizing Tandem Couplers and 50 nm MHEMTs
  • Design and Characterization of a Novel Battery-less, Solar Powered Wireless Tag for Enhanced-Range Remote Tracking Applications
  • A Wideband OOK for Wireless Receiver Capsule Endoscope
  • Analysis of New Polarizing Properties of Negative Indexed Materials at Microwave Frequencies
  • RF Devices Written with Carbon Nanotube Ink on Paper
  • A Novel Fabrication Process for Printed Antennas Integrated in Polymer Multi-Layer Car Body Panels
  • UWB Frequency Modulated CW Synthetic Aperture Radar for Through-the-Wall Localization
  • Computer Simulation of the RF System Effects on a mmWave
  • Doppler Radar for Human Vital-Sign Estimation

One that I attended that was very interesting was the Design of a Planar Chipless RFID Transponder where they are trying to integrate low cost, rugged tags on money in Australia. They print chipless tags onto money that are comprised of 2 UWD antennas and a multi-section resonator to improve security and prevent counterfeiting. The goal is to get the cost down to about one cent so it is feasible to tag currency.

A very interesting conference this year with interesting topics – Let us know what you found interesting this year in the technical sessions or tutorials.


  1. We are delighted that our paper (Design of a Cellular Energy Harvesting Radio) is noted uniquely in the Microwave Journal Blog. It gives us impetus to do more.

  2. Hi Chomora,

    Microwave Journal would be delighted if you would consider submitting your next paper to us for consideration. We plan to cover green topics in some future issues.