Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hotel Reservations for IMS 2009

The IEEE MTT-S steering committee for the IMS 2009 in Boston has extended the deadline for reserving a hotel room from among their block of rooms. The new date, May 8 is this Friday - just around the corner!!! Hopefully, the extension will help all you last minute planners. If you have been on the fence about attending, I recommend you consider the long term benefits of industry networking and the year-in year-out high quality of attendees that go to this one show.

While the economy has certainly been rough this year, the IMS is our industry's biggest single event and should not be missed. Even if it requires tightening the budget in some other areas. The cost of a few days in Boston is considerably less than a series of road trips to visit the same number of customers. From an editor's perspective, I could easily fill up more than half of my editorial requirements for yearly content at this one show, just by meeting with clients.

Reserving your hotel room through the MTT-S allows them to negotiate room rate reductions in following years and provides additional savings to the society, which gets passed on to attendees and exhibitors by lowering operating costs. And bus service from the hotel to the convention center is provided for those who book through the MTT-S. One final note - think about all those potential contacts socializing down at the hotel bar. Are you sure its worth being out at the Budget Inn in Revere?

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  1. Many months ago, when the hotel contracts were written, they probably were talking about "Oh, we have such good occupancy rates... and there are all those June brides and graduations... "(the same old negotiating noise you always hear). The unfortunate thing is that it has become well known among the 'regulars', that booking out of the block is a much better deal. This has only been exacerbated by the numerous on-line discount sites.