Wednesday, March 25, 2009

CPI Satcom Showcases 100 watt Ku-band outdoor SSPA

CPI Satcom Division is featuring its 100 watt Ku-band outdoor SSPA at the SATELLITE 2009 Conference and Exhibition. This outdoor SSPA is the latest addition to the company’s extensive range of solid state amplifiers and is being touted by the company for its flexibility and easy maintainance. Frequency bands can be changed among X-, C- and Ku-band very quickly without rewiring and using only minor hand tools. Swapping out fans typically takes less time than it does to simply remove the cover on competing products. The ease of owning a CPI SSPA is enhanced by the company’s fifteen worldwide service centers and 24-hour telephone support.

Reliability is built-in to the CPI outdoor SSPA. In addition to the soft-fail RF feature found in most SSPAs, the CPI SSPA also provides redundant power supply modules and a microprocessor-controlled fault reporting system.

CPI’s satellite communications products are on display in booth 301 at the SATELLITE 2009 Conference and Exhibition.

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  1. Well...I'm astonished; some 15 years ago, it would have sounded impossible