Friday, January 30, 2009

Pulsed RF Power Devices Expected to Show Solid Growth

So let's get to some good economic news. ABI research is saying that markets for pulsed RF power devices below 4 GHz are expected to show continued solid growth over the next five years despite the current economic turmoil. While the volatility of many global electronics markets is fueled by their association with consumer spending, markets for pulsed RF power devices are supported by quite different priorities.

“Many RF power semiconductor manufacturers are on a quest to find markets unrelated to mobile wireless infrastructure,” notes ABI Research director Lance Wilson. “Device prices in wireless infrastructure are falling, and the total available market is shrinking.”

Some markets that use pulsed RF power devices, such as the transportation safety market and the military market, are seeing good solid growth even in the midst of today’s economic downturn. These devices are used in radars for military and marine applications, and in a worldwide upgrade of the air traffic control system that is now occurring. There is also a market segment devoted to the avionics transponder and air navigation market, which is also lifted by the air traffic control upgrade.

I know there are several companies going after the air traffic control system upgrade and I think this is a necessary upgrade that should provide sizable contracts for many suppliers in the years to come.

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