Tuesday, September 16, 2008

E-Ink Cover for Esquire Magazine

By now most people have heard of or seen the 75th anniversary issue cover of Esquire magazine with the E-Ink display that flashes messages electronically (see link to Engadget video above). But why is this interesting to the RF and microwave community? Well, the future E-Ink technology might enable electronic newspapers or e-books to be transmitted via wireless to your piece of E-Ink "paper" in real time. Imagine picking up your E-Ink sheet each day off the kitchen table and seeing the latest news from your favorite newspaper or reading your e-book on the way to work. What an Eco-friendly technology that could save massive amounts of trees each year.

It could become the new display technology that is easy to read for more complicated articles or even videos rather than your small cell phone or Blackberry display. E-books do not seem to have caught on yet probably due to the limited display technology that would allow us to read them easier like a real book or newspaper (the Kindle is probably the closest thing to date). What ideas do you have for your E-Ink sheet of paper???

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