Friday, June 20, 2008

Exhibition tidbits

I visited with many companies about their new products and here is a quick sampling from the exhibition floor. Freescale introduced a new 50 V LDMOS product for higher frequency applications (L-band) with 330 W pulsed operation. Triquint was excited about their acquisition of WJ Communications that gives them a broader product portfolio. Anritsu showed off their low cost Microwave Spectrum Analyzer with typical phase noise of -110 dBc/Hz at 1 KHz offset from the 1 GHz carrier. Keithley had a mobile WiMAX solution on display along with their new software. Skyworks was showing off their integrated front end solutions for wireless meter reading which seems to be taking off. Cree has a nice portfolio of GaN devices for both military and commercial applications. GaN seems to be catching on now with a broader range of suppliers like Cree, Nitronix, RFMD, Triquint, RFHIC, CAP wireless, etc. with both Triquint and Cree offering foundry services. One impressive high power device was on display at CAP Wireless. They have a unique mounting configuration that combines the power of 16 GaN devices to get 20 W of power across the broad range of 2 to 20 GHz from a single module (it looks like a very small jet engine). There was a lot more to see and we will have a comprehensive product wrap up on Mon. on the MWJ Online Show Daily page.


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